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Script Frenzy - The Day Alaska Separates

Imagine, if you dare...

The date is April 2, 2011, and the official documents have arrived by special envoy to the White House.

Alaska has severed itself from the USA.

As part of the lengthy agreements left in place, Alaska will continue to lease parts of its land to USA military training in exchange for full control of the missile defense systems remaining on its shores.

New negotiations have been entered into for continued supply of energy resources for the lower 48, but the latest referendums held within the former State do not bode well for any "special pricing" of natural gas and/or oil flowing from Alaska. Mr. Ted Stevens heads the board for negotiations with Alaska.

Pipelines originally intended to stretch down to the USA from Alaska have been diverted to a new oil consortium currently located within the province of Alberta, Canada where all energy supply purchases must go through the new Northern Borse Exchange (NBE).

Most non-Alaskan mining companies have obtained leases to continue operations, however a few have been unable to negotiate contracts and have already sold off their assets to Alaskan mining companies. All mining resources are also now traded through the NBE.

New undeveloped deposits of gold, zinc, coal, copper and (surprisingly) uranium have been revealed owing to the receding glaciers, making Alaska the richest country in the world for precious metal resources (next to Canada with its new discoveries in both the Yukon and Northwest Territories).

Fresh water (an increasingly valuable commodity) from remaining Alaskan glacier areas are also being carefully preserved and withheld from trading at this time.

Both Russia and Canada have been in constant talks for Alaska to join their respective countries, however Alaska remains cautious about any union at this time.

Considerable competition has been heating up amongst nations for oil contracts as the Wildlife Reserve preliminary test drills indicate massive deposits, far greater than initial geological surveys had indicated. Oil deposits are estimated to dwarf all oil deposits combined in the Middle East.

A series of former USA federal laws which previously hampered Alaska and its economy have already been abolished by Premiere Palin who has seen her new country through the quickest transition (from State to independent country) in recent history.

Abundant in both fish and game, Alaska has already inked deals with several major companies in the food services industry. Rumor has it that ConAgra has also proposed new winter grains perfect for the perma-frost regions, and have been awarded a contract to set up a massive experimental farm complex outside of Fairbanks to study potential.

Owing to several threats by environmental groups as well as foreign nations wishing to invade and "take" its natural resources, Alaska's military is supplemented by both Russian forces and Canadian forces. Alaska also has entered into a standing contract with Canada's RCMP for additional security and related services.

The USA continues to attempt reconciliation, but with the official papers now in the hands of President Obama it is believed peaceful negotiations are no longer an option to keep Alaska in the Union.

Many reports are claiming that White House staff are blaming the breakup on the fact that former federal government administrations reneged on commitments made when Alaska came into the union.

Other reports suggest it was the "hidden" deals with China that actually fractured the USA/Alaska relationship.

An emergency strategy session has been called to discuss a way forward to force Alaska back into the Union. The strategy session will also deal with China's outrage over broken promises for Alaskan natural resources formerly made in exchange for them to continue funding the astronomical USA debt which has now spiralled completely out of control with the country now officially in a deep depression. With hyperinflation set to hit, further devaluing the USA dollar, China as well as several other backers are furious.

We enter our story with a split screen:

The left shows dignitaries in the USA, including the President, sitting down at the table for their strategy talks. The right shows another meeting taking place between dignitaries from Russia and Canada sitting down for talks with Premiere Palin in Alaska.

And that's where I leave you, dear readers as I enter Script Frenzy for this month.

I have to write 100 pages of script within 30 days.

Needless to say, all of this is completely fiction.

Wish me luck completing Script Frenzy!

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