Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Steady stream of tea party pics

More pics from across the nation... Click the pics to see the larger size/full size version at twitpics.

Bellevue, WA (just ended - about 1,000 to 1,500 showed up):
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Wow! The Capitol tea party in Michigan has GROWN MASSIVE!
MI Capitol Tea Party Rally 4/15/09 on Twitpic

And check out this panaramic shot of the TN Capitol (you have to click the pic to see the panaramic shot):
Best picture of the #TeaParty at the TN Capitol I've seen -- ... on Twitpic

Sac Tea Party #tcot #teaparty on Twitpic

#teaparty chattanooga on Twitpic

More from Boise:
There is 2 thousand here so far� BOI on Twitpic

Pensacola getting underway:
Pensacola #teaparty: "a crowd has gathered, white & white." A... on Twitpic

Dockweiler (I'm not even sure where that is, but there's a thousand so far):
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More from Oklahoma City:
Tea Party, Oklahoma City 4-15-2009 #teaparty on Twitpic

Manfiled, OH:
Manfiled, OH Tea Party #teaparty on Twitpic

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Setting up in Houston:
Houston Tea Party T minus 1 hour on Twitpic

Lydon, KS just starting out:
Lyndon, KS Tea Party #teaparty on Twitpic

Setting up news broadcasting in Orlando:
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AND more fun and funny (and even thought provoking) signs.

From NE,TN:
More NE TN #teaparty signs on Twitpic

And from Jackson, TN:
A jackson tn #teaparty sign on Twitpic

And more from elsewhere...

Tea Party message. #tcot #teaparty on Twitpic

Teleprompters against Socialism !Sign from #teaparty  TOTUS r... on Twitpic

Angry & Overtaxed! #teaparty pic on Twitpic

And, would you look at this? Houston tea party is now getting underway...

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Gotta take a break now. Be back later.

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