Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tsar Trek and Pump and Dump

Two new unreal reality shows are in motion now ...but they're not reality tv shows ...they're playing out on the Hill and spreading through every nook and cranny of our country.

Enter unreal reality show #1...

Tsar Trek

You remember the intro to those first Star Trek shows?

Well, this new show, "Tsar Trek," goes something like this:

States. --- The final frontier. --- These are the voyages of the U.S. Federal Government.

Its four-year mission; to explore deranged, new ways to control its industry, to shape industry policies and force other businesses to follow their lead, without fear of House or Senate intervention. To boldly go where no Administration has ever gone before.


Sorry. I just couldn't resist the above.

I'll bring you more on that unreal reality show in future posts as the drama unfolds.



Enter unreal reality show #2...

Pump and Dump

In "Pump and Dump" we have the most extraordinary market interventions ever seen in the history of the stock markets -- not hidden -- but instead, playing out in plain sight.

If you invest in stocks (through a pension plan or directly), this might be the most important article you read today... "Manipulation: How Markets Really Work"

In the article you will learn a little bit about:
  • the Working Group on Financial Markets (WGFM), also more commonly and often referred to as the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) which could easily be renamed as the Plunge Protection/Destruction Team (PPDT)
  • the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF)
  • the Countyparty Risk Management Group (CRMG)
And the curtain is drawn back a wee bit to reveal how other entities interact to intervene (and/or how they are intertwined) the IMF, SEC, CFTC, etc., etc.


You simply won't find the mainstream media covering the "Pump and Dump" show -- happening LIVE, right now, real time.

Not even Fox News.

You have to remember that Newscorp owns the DJIA, so even Fox News will NOT be able to cover the "pump and dump" show... at least, not transparently.

But you will notice -- people reporting in the financial industry are nervous.

They see "The Visible Hand of Uncle Sam."

Read the article.

Know how "Pump and Dump" works.

That's when other stories start making so much sense... how you can tie seemingly unrelated stories together to get the full picture being painted so carefully -- and strategically -- to suck the wealth out of American citizens as boomers approach retirement age and the boomer echo generation steadfastly marches toward their destiny.

You see... "triggering market collapses can be a very profitable undertaking."

Just as Morgan (J.P. Morgan) understood very well before his death:

Morgan died early that year but profited hugely from the 1907 Panic. It let him expand his steel empire by buying the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company for about $45 million, an asset thought to be worth around $700 million. Today, similar schemes are more than ever common in the wake of the global economic crisis creating opportunities to buy assets cheap by bankers flush with bailout cash. Aided by PPT market rigging, it's simpler than ever.
Goldman Sachs knows it very well, too. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts. If you didn't read the article then, now is a good time.

"Did Goldman Goose Oil? - How Goldman Sachs was at the center of the oil trading fiasco that bankrupted pipeline giant Semgroup."
I wonder who Goldman are gunning for next? It has to be someone key in the great scheme of gas, oil and pipelines as I notice the same play on oil happening these past few weeks as the fiasco that occurred last summer during the primaries.

They're getting ready to do yet another BS hike through market manipulation.

Gotta be careful this time, or they could crush those "green shoots" that the Admin is pretending are signs of economic recovery.

Sheesh. Green shoots, indeed. Where even bad news is good news in the revisionist reporting zones. Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Watch the news and you will see.

IMHO, the major players pulling the strings on the American economy know full well how to fleece the market to their own ends. They're probably fleecing markets to rake in enough coin to cover their shorts on gold before it cuts loose and skyrockets out of their manipulative control ... heh-heh ...oh, yeah. Like that's not happening, right?

Some funds will do quite well. Others are about to be fleeced. None, in my humble opinion, are safe right now because, quite frankly, I truly believe the worst is yet to come. It's all part of the Big Fat Lie they told us. (You're better off to invest in a slot machine about now. LOL)

But glimmers of truth are coming out.

Let's see how long it takes before the full picture is revealed.

One thing is for certain... we'll probably never know the truth behind the Federal Reserve's actions in all of this, as this Bloomberg story states -- quite clearly.

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