Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hot Spots In The News

No time to write a full post today, so I'll just leave you with some hot news items that have popped up over the past 7 days:

From The Monitor:
"New prospect for US: glut of ethanol plants"

From The New York Times:
"Rise in Ethanol Raises Concerns About Corn as a Food"

From The Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne):
"Steuben dairy farm faces EPA sanctions"

From The EPA:
"EPA orders Indiana dairy to comply with discharge permit"

From the Environment News Service:
"2006 Was the Sixth Warmest Year Ever"

And from The Independent:
"World faces hottest year ever, as El NiƱo combines with global warming"

And for something lighter, here's one from the Courier Press in Evansville:
"Meteorite crashes through bathroom"

I'll be back tomorrow with more news from Jasper County on the Moooooooving CAFO mess.

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