Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Strange things going on in Jasper and Newton Counties

Yesterday at 11 a.m. the students at Newton County's Lake Village Elementary School were sent home and the school was closed. It's also closed for today and tomorrow. The initial radio announcement we heard described several of the children were getting ill -- with flu-like symptoms including severe diarrhea.

The school isn't releasing any further details... but based on my research lately, the type of symptoms described generally go along with either food poisoning (from e. Coli, Lysteria, Salmonella, Cryptosporidium, etc.) or water contamination. Who knows for sure?

Just a few short months ago, students at KV Intermediate School in Jasper County were told not to drink the water for several days... apparently it was contaminated.

Drinking water contamination appears to be a BIG issue in Northern Jasper County and Newton County these days ...and when you check out the overhead aerial maps to see the plethora of CAFOs in operation throughout this region -- if you've done your homework -- you might be a bit nervous about drinking the water in this region, too.

I heard rumors that one particular test well in this region was loaded with coliform bacteria. I'll be telling you more about that soon.

If you think Indiana needs a moratorium on the CAFO issue -- it's time to ACT!

On January 29th an important Bill (Bill 447) gets a reading in the Senate before the Energy and Environmental Committee which calls for just such a moratorium. If you can't attend in person (about 1:30), then perhaps an email (or letter) to the Senators who serve on the committee will help raise their awareness about how many people are concerned. Regardless where you live in Indiana, be sure to let them know, "WE WANT A MORATORIUM!"

Senator Riiegsecker R.M. s-12
Senator Bray s-37
Senator Dillon s17
Senator Drozda s21
Senator Hershman s-7
Senator Miller s-32
Senator Hume R.M.M. s-48
Senator Errington s-26
Senator Lanane s-25
Senator Tallian s-4

Barbara Cox wrote up an impressive letter (see it posted on Kemplog here) stating several reasons why a CAFO moratorium is so NEEDED here in Indiana. Please add your voice to the hundreds of others of us who have written. Make sure these Senators understand how IMPORTANT this issue is TO US ALL.

Don't let Indiana fall by the wayside (like things happening in Michigan lately) ...we all deserve better, both here in Indiana and throughout the rest of our remarkable country!

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Anonymous said...

Great job on doing this local reporting!! Far better than the Indiana newspapers.

You mentioned maps of the CAFOs. What about making a google maps mashup so that people can see where these things are. I think it involves uploading a list of addresses to the map application and then it will put pins on the map for you. Some gov't dept. should be able to provide the list. Good luck.