Sunday, January 07, 2007

Questions for IDEM

Yesterday I promised I would bring you additional info regarding some IDEM regulations which need to be looked at seriously -- and in my humble opinion, need to be changed.

Here are 3 important questions for IDEM that were sent to me by email, that the writer believes we should all contact IDEM to have changed:
1. There is no rule that gives IDEM any over sight on lagoons away from the permitted site. In other words, if you wish to dig a lagoon and have manure transported to it, that is ok. You do not need to do soil borings or get a permit. Now, that is what Indiana needs, lagoons with no rules. NOT!! If you believe this needs change, please contact Mr. Palin.

2. I also questioned how IDEM can approve a permit while the application is under appeal? Yes, perhaps a group could try to keep appealing and try to stop the building. This would not be fair, however it does seem that IDEM should not give the permit until at least a decision has been made by one Judge. Any comment on this please direct to Mr. Palin.

3. There is no rule that states IDEM can not approve an expansion while a CAFO is under appeal. Why should they be allowed to expand if it has not been decided if it should even be there in the first place. If those that have filed the appeal have provided all information to the Judge then it would seem it was no fault of their's that there had been long delays in the hearing. Does this rule need review? If you believe that is the case, then contact Mr. Palin.
Why contact Mr. Palin?
The writer was told that if anyone wanted to comment or encourage change in the rules of IDEM, Mr. Palin would be the one we should contact.

So, for those of you reading my blog who want to make a serious and positive difference, here is Mr. Palin's contact information:

Mailing Address:
Mr. Bruce Palin
Assistant Commissioner
Office of Land Quality
Indiana Department of Environmental Management
100 N. Senate Ave.
Mail Code 65-45
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2251

E-mail Address:

If you choose to send your questions (and/or suggestions) by e-mail, you might also want to send a copy in by snail-mail, too.

The above 3 questions are a good place to start. And maybe, you just might have a few suggestions and recommendations for changes of your own to add?

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