Sunday, January 14, 2007

New 2007 CAFO Regulations Proposed

It's now in the NEWS and I can finally let all of you know about this. Here's an excerpt from this PAL-Item:
Area legislators are banding together on the issue of confined animal feeding operations (CAFO) during the first week of the General Assembly in 2007.

An area Democrat, Phil Pflum of Milton, and an area Republican, Tom Saunders of Lewisville, have joined in introducing a House bill that would put restrictions on where CAFOs can be built.
This is House Bill 1197, digest of details as follows: Regulation of confined feeding operations. Prohibits construction of a confined feeding operation (CFO) within two miles of a school or a municipality. Permits application to land of manure generated by a CFO only by incorporation or injection. Requires certification of applicators of manure generated by a CFO.

All excellent points which we need to support.

Next, Senator Allen Paul is trying again to introduce another CAFO Bill...
In the Senate, Allen Paul (R-Richmond) has introduced a bill that would put a three-year moratorium on building any new CAFOs in the state.
I recall Senator Allen Paul attempted previously to get a similar CAFO Bill passed, but it was scrapped fairly quickly back then. I haven't been able to locate this new Senate Bill yet.

NOW -- PLEASE remember... anything can be added or subtracted on a bill at this point. What can you do?

For one thing, both CAFO Bills being proposed NEED your SUPPORT! Show how much you care about this important issue by writing your local Rep as well as sending a letter (or email) to BOTH:

Rep. Phil Pflum D
Rep. Tom Saunders R

Mailing Address:
Indiana House of Representatives,
200 West Washington Street,
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Also, show your support for Senator Allen Paul's Bill (I'll bring you more on that as I hear it). We desperately NEED that 3 year moratorium to assess the impact of all CAFOs in operation right now in Indiana, and to ensure more rural families are NOT put in harms way.

Public health and safety ...and the safety of our environment... need to take precedence over Big Business.

When writing the above Reps and your local Reb, be sure to express your concerns, such as:
- water (potential contamination with pathogens, drugs and pollutants)
- water availability (these CAFOs suck a great deal out of our aquifer)
- environmental issues (air, water, and soil contamination issues)
- increased insects and other pests (potential health hazard - increased risk)
- potential health risks for all on above issues, particularly for very young, elderly and imuno compromisized (ie. such as cancer patients/survivors and organ transplant recipients)
Let them know how important this issue has become for all of us in this region as the CAFOs spread closer and closer to higher populated areas. THIS HAS TO STOP!

The more letters they receive, the better!

Sidenote: Personally, I'm not a fan of the "Eliminating Property Taxes" proposal mentioned in the above referenced Pal-Item. My husband worked up the numbers, and it turns out we'd end up paying $2,214.23 more in Income/Sales taxes in order to save a mere $352 in property tax. Our Accountant (from another County) said Jasper County is already paying far too HIGH in Income AND Sales taxes when compared with most other counties. And of course, as anyone who has taken even a little business schooling knows, both Sales and Income taxes are "regressive" ...meaning that they tend to make the rich richer, and the poor poorer.

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Anonymous said...

Senator Allen Paul has authored Senate Bill 447 Senator Gard has Senate Bill 431.

Senator Paul has told me that Senate Bill 447 is a 3 year moratorium. It is not online yet. Senator Gard has agreed to hear both Bills. Her Bill only uses the term cfo and does not address all the issues regarding CAFO's I feel we all should support Senator Paul's Bill.

It is my understanding that Senator Gard has agreed to hear Senate Bill 447 in the Energy and Environmental Committee, It is so very important that she receive letters and e-mails this coming week. If you live in her District it is doubly important that you make your voice heard. Ask for the support of "Bill 447" and tell her some of the reasons you believe we need a moratorium on CAFO's

Please send cards, e-mails, letters to Senator Beverly Gard
Indiana Senate
200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204


kmyers said...

Thank you so much for adding Senate Bill 447 information and Senate Bill 431!!

I had it somewhere in all my emails, but couldn't find it when making my post.

Also, for those reading my blog, here are the email addresses for the Reps. I mentioned in this original post:

Rep. Phil Pflum D
Rep. Tom Saunders R

Everyone be sure to write!

Anonymous said...

Senator Gard is the key person we must send e-mails and letters to, in support of Senator Paul's Bill 447.
It will do NO GOOD to send them to the Reps. for this bill.