Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Evacuation Day and St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!

And Happy Evacuation Day to those of you living in Boston. For those who don't know, Evacuation Day is an "only-in-Suffolk-County holiday that commemorates when the Continental Army hauled 50 cannons up Dorchester Heights on March 17, 1776, and forced the redcoats out of Boston." [link]

I see the DOW is going a little nuts today... the yo-yo effect.

But I want to step back in time a bit today, to share with you a copy of this New York Times article dating all the way back to September 30, 1999 ...lest we forget the match that struck the flame leading to the economic firestorm we're still getting burnt by. (Thanks to Rick for sending this in!)

Click here for a pdf version of the scanned article and note the underlined paragraphs.

While Barney Frank tries to polish up his tarnished image and ride in like a shining white knight against the big bad black knight (AIG), I find it frankly (pun intended) amazing that the public has any regard left for him.

After all, we all remember how Blustering Barney publicly chastised those who wanted Freddie and Fannie reigned in, cutting into them vociferously by claiming they were wasting taxpayer dollars and time investigating those two entities.

You missed the video? Click below (or here) to see it through YouTube.

While Barney Frank tries to ride the wave of public outrage against AIG, trying to score political points, I'm hoping there are more than a few of us who have longer memories when the next round of elections come up.

Cleaning that part of our House will be up to the Fourth Congressional District of Massachusetts. (Sorry, Boston, but again, happy Evacuation Day!)

I wonder if Blustering Barney is out there right now scrambling around searching for his four leaf clover... or taking a secret trip to a certain castle just outside of Cork, Ireland so he can "kiss the Blarney Stone" to boost his blarney in the hopes of salvaging his political career.

Enough about blarney from Barney.

Have a super St. Patrick's Day!

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