Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stand Up and Be Counted

I posted what I feel is an important article on My Power Tips blog today.

You can read the article through this link: Stand Up and Be Counted America

Contrary to what you may or may not believe about me, I care deeply about North America (and include Canada in this remark).

I read something over the weekend that disturbed me, spurring the post I made above. Here is an excerpt from the post that I want to share with WAHM Diary readers:
We live in interesting times.

We are privileged to be eyewitnesses to a very important time in our planet's history. I’m not talking about politics, the environment, nor the economy... I’m referring to the period of flux that mankind has been steadily marching towards for the past several decades.

Some unfortunate decisions have been made here in the USA this year.

Things are going to get tough... really tough.

It's too late to turn back. We've already been hurtled forward on this crazy rollercoaster for what will surely be the most tumultuous ride of our lives.

Unlike what you infer by your post however, I believe the majority of North Americans (both in Canada and in the USA) are incredibly resourceful. I believe that they have many untapped strengths and talents... and I look forward to seeing them prove to the world how very strong, resilient and passionate they can be.

Admittedly, there are plenty of bad elements that have been allowed to take root and fester within...

But the heart and soul of North America (I include Canada in this as well), the part not reflected in the flyby media of today, still beats at the core of our nations.

Determination, persistence, resilience... it all still exists here at home. Compassion, integrity, faith... still ring true within many hearts across our great lands. Imagination, creativity and the unquenchable thirst for knowledge, truth and justice still beat in the hearts of many.

This might not be the land of the truly free that our forefathers wanted... but I dare say, this is still the land of the bravest in the world!

You can read My Power Tips to find out what spurred me to write the above.

Prepare for the Coming Storm

Why share this with you now?

Because... in the weeks and months ahead, as we enter some of the toughest times in our lifetime, you'll be seeing a great deal of passion pour out in my words. I want to make it very clear, right here and now, how deeply I care about North America and the remarkable people that make this continent truly unique.

'Nuff said for now. Prepare for the coming storm, and stay tuned....

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