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Who is Winning Obama's War?

Clayton Makepeace, one of the few brilliant copywriters I know whom has the courage to step up and tell you exactly what is on his mind, asks this important question:
What will you say when your kids or grandkids ask, "What did YOU do to fight back when Obama destroyed my chance for a prosperous life?" [link]
Now that Obama has made himself quite clear, declaring class warfare on the nation he now governs, and is working so hard to rebuild this country in his own image... I'm sitting here, sipping my third cold cup of coffee for the day (after working non-stop since 6:30 a.m. today) and watching the DOW tank.

And I ponder this...
Who is winning Obama's war?

Just so you know, I predicted the DOW would be bopped if BO became P. I saw this coming from his campaign trail, and I can pretty much predict where it's going next.

I remember telling a friend of mine to "get out of stocks" immediately after the election results were announced. He listened. Saved a small fortune.

I told him this is what was going to happen...

The DOW would fall to between 6500 to 6200. Then there will be a brief rally. Everyone will think we've finally hit the bottom. And it will look like everything is finally shoring up, that the crisis is over.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Dems crowing, hootin' and hollarin' that they fixed everything... that it will be because of the massive amounts of money they've thrown at the problems. They'll be strutting about, gleefully exclaiming, "I told you so."

That's when the "stupid money" will start pouring in.

The rally will be brief.

It will be a relief to millions of people.

But it will be short-lived.

Then everything will fall off a cliff. It will slide to about 3800, plus or minus a few hundred.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an investment adviser. I am NOT a tax advisor. Everything in this post is simply my personal and humble opinion/analysis. If you want investment advice and/or tax advice, talk to a professional, if you can find one you trust.

With that said, back to what Clayton asked (see above), here are a few things you can do.

1. Tell Obama’s handlers exactly what you think at

2. Get your senator's e-mail and let him/her know what you think, to:

3. And finally, share your opinions with Pelosi and your personal representative by going to:


And on a final note, to all of you out there thinking you're going to get a super tax break on your paychecks soon thanks to Obama, I got this from a tax expert I trust. Here's the "breakdown" on the so-called stimulus...

If you are a W-2 employee who receives a paycheck that is subject to withholding, you will receive your 'stimulus' in your paychecks -- your employer should begin withholding 6.25% less beginning from your salary on or about April 1, 2009.

Your tax credit will be calculated at a rate of 6.25% of earned income, but it will "phase out" if your adjusted gross income is more than $75,000 (and it's dead-gone if your income is $95,000) and $150,000 for married couples filing jointly (unless you're combined income is over $190,000 - then you're S.O.L.).

Don't expect to get too stimulated. 6.25% means a pay raise of only $62.50 (about 2 bucks a day) per $1,000 in wages. Once those little increases add up to $400 for an individual (or $800 for married couple), it's back to the former wage level.

Taxpayers who do not have taxes withheld by an employer during the year can claim the credit on their 2009 tax return.

Happy Square Root Day!
(3x3=9 03-03-09)

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