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Defending American History

“Local school boards may not remove books from school library shelves simply because they dislike the ideas contained in those books …”
— U.S. Supreme Court in Board of Education, Island Trees School District v. Pico (1982)

Well, America -- they've found another way to take away your books.

Hazardous Books to be Removed!!!

America -- whether you choose to believe it or not -- you are being raped of your history.

The loose definition of BOOK BURNING is:
Book burning (a category of biblioclasm, or book destruction) is the practice of destroying, often ceremoniously, one or more copies of a book or other written material. In modern times, other forms of media, such as phonograph records, video tapes, and CDs have also been ceremoniously burned, torched, or shredded. The practice, usually carried out in public, is generally motivated by moral, religious, or political objections to the material.

Some particular cases of book burning are long and traumatically remembered - because the books destroyed were irreplaceable and their loss constituted a severe damage to cultural heritage, and/or because this instance of book burning has become emblematic of a harsh and oppressive regime. Such were the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, the burning of books and burying of scholars under China's Qin Dynasty, the destruction of Mayan codices by Spanish conquistadors and priests, and in more recent times, Nazi book burnings and the destruction of the Sarajevo National Library. [emphasis added - link to more detail]
You might choose to disagree, but in my humble opinion what happened for me today is just as horrific as any book burning held in any country in any of those historical occasions mentioned above.

I'm a writer... so maybe I'm just a wee bit more appalled by the new law slipped quickly and quietly through your Congress than most.

Here is what happened to me today.

A last minute switch had me working at the Elementary school today for my volunteer day (instead of tomorrow)... and by Divine Providence I was present on the very day, at the very time, the order came down.

The order was given, and as the volunteer today, I had the woeful task of going through books in the classroom looking for the dates they were printed and removing all books printed prior to 1985.

My eyes welled with tears as I saw treasured and worn books, obviously well used and loved, like Dr. Seus and The Cat In The Hat, Charlotte's Web, Alice in Wonderland... the list goes on, and on, and on... and place them (albeit gently) into the box for discard/removal from the classroom.

Apparently this is taking place clear across the country.

Any and all books printed prior to 1985 are to be removed from all classrooms and libraries -- historical tombs, many now out of print, might be gone forever, never to be seen, read, or taught from ever again.

And I wonder...

How Many Bibles Were Printed Prior to 1985?

Imagine -- just think -- how many books no longer in print will never be seen by your children ever again?

Do you care?

Do you wonder what your children might miss?

Do you wonder how the many volumes of books built up over the years by teachers everywhere, priceless books that will now have to be replaced somehow, some way?

How many can never be replaced?

Do you care...? ...a bit? all?

New Federal Law Makes It Mandatory!

Here is the reasoning behind the new law:

Writers of new child-safety legislation that sailed through both houses of Democrat-controlled Congress added children's books to the list of "banned hazardous substances," unless they're proved to be lead-free. Let's protect kids, right? Maybe they should have considered this: Kids don't eat books.

The new CPSIA law bans all books printed before 1985 from resale or distribution because they might contain small amounts of lead in the ink. Hundreds of thousands of books have already been destroyed, even though there's no proof that a child could be harmed by them. This law could effectively gut every library and every school in the state, who along with thrift stores are subject to horrendous fines if they sell or distribute pre-1985 copies of books like "Velveteen Rabbit" and "The Little Engine that Could" or "Little Golden Books" that contain lead. [link]
Now, I don't know about you, but I've seen far more lead pencils with chew marks on them in classrooms than I've ever seen kids slurping or chewing on books. In fact, I've never seen one kid yet (except maybe a baby) ever reach to chew on a book.

And yet, after finding out about this ridiculous law today, I went online and found a few blogs/articles on the subject where commenters have actually said that yes, they've seen their kids eat books.

My words to them -- WHY THE HECK DID YOU LET THEM????

Did you not stop to think that you could teach them NOT to EAT the freakin' books??

Just because a few stupid parents are incapable of looking after their kids and/or teaching their kids not to eat freakin' books now the entire country has to suffer because of their pathetic stupid incompetent parenting skills? You are stupid and deserve to suffer ....not push your suffering on the rest of the country. Go get some friggin' help!!!!! IDIOTS!!!! In fact, maybe child services should be taking your kids away from you?

Whew! Sorry about that...

Okay, didn't mean to call a bunch of parents with bookeating kids stupid. Maybe lacking in common sense, but not stupid.

But seriously... the next thing you know, they'll be asking the Feds to outlaw lead pencils. Because, hey, people just can't think for themselves in this country... so, you know, there just has to be a Federal law, dontcha think? (sarcasm intended)


I'm guessing far more kids chew on their pencils than slurp or eat their books. In fact, I'm guessing when they erase mistakes on their homework they might be tempted to lick their fingers or thumbs and wet the paper to make the eraser work better. Ever seen that happen?

I'm guessing there's far more lead content in a lead pencil than there is in an old book... but I might be wrong.

The Stupidity Behind The New CPSIA Law

Here's some of the stupidity behind the new law:
It requires UNIT testing. The final product must be tested from each batch. It doesn’t matter if all the components going into it are certified and have been tested as having no lead, it still must be tested for lead.

Here’s an example. You publish textbooks for 4th graders. You publish a science textbook. You publish a spelling book. They are printed with all the same materials, on the same day, on the same press, with the same crew manning it. You must test the science book and the spelling book separately because they may contain lead!

This basically seems to imply that somehow alchemy works. Non-lead containing item + non-lead containing item= LEAD! [link]
The freakin' Dems were so eager to concoct a lie saying Palin was banning books from the library in Alaska, and then... once in full and complete power... they choose to add this piece of crap legislation that amounts to nothing more than a book burning! (IMHO)

I am not a partisan voter...

But I gotta tell 'ya...

They are doing absolutely everything in their power to turn me into one.

One more insult on my intelligence after another after another after another...

To be fair, the CPSIA started work on this legislation back in August of 2008 although it wasn't finalized and written into law then. I'm still trying to find out when the hammer came down and books were added. (I'll bring you more on this -- for sure -- along with the NAMES of the PERPETRATORS of this CRIME against humanity!)

I grew up so deep in the bush that even as a 4 year old child I had to learn how to think fast and think on my feet. Common sense gets drilled into your head early when you are in the wilds.

It's a pity that common sense is not a skill taught to children here.

Or at least, that's the way it appears to me...

Think about it. See a baby bear cub in the bush, there has to be a protective mommy bear somewhere near, 'ya think?

When I look at the Constitution and witness first-hand the Fed's overstepping their authority in this way -- dictating to States across the nation -- even authoring laws that amount to book burnings in this country... I shudder to think where you are being led.

Enjoy the rose colored glasses.

Ten years from now, they are going to be way out of fashion and you just might find yourself looking pretty stupid in them.

As far as I'm concerned, Google can add another notch onto the book burning timeline -- and the real shock is that the book burning is taking place this time in the United States of America.

God Bless America -- we need a little Divine Intervention here.

Pray for us.

On another subject...

The BIG FAT LIE Came Today

But I'm too upset about the book burning thing to go into details for you.


I'll be back tomorrow on that.

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PS: I oh-so-very-much-wish I had known about this sooner. I missed it, like so many others did. Where the heck was the media coverage on this one?!?

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