Monday, May 25, 2009

In Memory for Memorial Day

Today, we remember...
" I want all of you to be safe. And please don't feel bad for us. We are warriors. And as warriors have done before us, we joined this organization and are following orders because we believe that what we are doing is right. Many of us have volunteered to do this a second time due to our deep desire to finish the job we started. We fight and sometimes die so that our families don't have to. Stand beside us. Because we would do it for you. Because it is our unity that has enabled us to prosper as a nation." - Staff Sergeant Marcus Golczynski, written a week before he was killed in action in Iraq.
The picture below shows Christian Golczynski, 8, receiving the flag from his father's casket from Lt. Col. Ric Thompson during the graveside service at Wheeler Cemetery in Bedford County. [link]

Photo Credit: DNJ photo by Aaron Thompson

Please remember those who serve and their families this day. Take time to read "Blackfive's Blog" with respect for Staff Sergeant Marcus Golczynski... and meet the Warrior Legacy Foundation.

Protect and preserve the memories of all who have fought so bravely for this nation.

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