Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cap And Trap

Those who know me well, know that I truly believe in respecting the planet, wildlife and our natural resources. When and where possible, I reduce my own "carbon footprint" ...and I'm a strong supporter of the Cub Scout "leave no trace behind" training that I'm happy to see my son learning.

One dear friend used to tease me, saying, "You don't even litter!"

Furthermore, I think CAFOs are NOT farms and should be regulated as the industrial entities that they are, complete with related industrial waste, OSHA and zoning laws. (You want cheap milk, cheese and burgers, go raise your own dang cow and don't force us to pay for your desire to be a cheapskate.)

And I believe there are far more ways all of us can work together to live in sync with nature and create a beautiful, healthier planet in the process.

For this, I've been "labelled" an environmentalist.

Well... I'm firmly against millions of people being forced to screw in billions of mercury-filled bulbs into sockets across the land. I think, quite frankly, it is asinine... regardless how minuscule the amount of mercury is contained in each bulb. And I think the so-called "green" movement is off its rocker for supporting such absurd policies to supposedly "save" power consumption.

The stupidity of the plan, quite frankly, boggles my mind.

I also think coal sequestration is one of the all-out-stupidest ideas I've EVER heard with respect to so-called "clean coal" and that scientists supporting it should be forced to undergo sanity tests if they can actually claim with 100% certainty that it will never turn water into acid years from now. (Yeah, sure. I wonder what the archaeologists of the future are going to think about us when they dig those sites up?)

And even further, I believe power is absolutely necessary to our way of life in this century... that it is needed, new sources need to be created and existing sources should be supported and assisted to become as efficient as they can be -- and that, yes, we should be energy independent -- and that we have (and should use) the resources to make it happen far faster than most people might think.

For this, I've been "labelled" an anti-environmentalist.

Finally, I also think it's positively hypocritical on the part of some countries to posture about reducing green-house gases to benefit the planet when so many other countries are not participating in the same plan. Further, I think the plan is nothing more than a power grab (pun and sarcasm intended) that will not benefit the planet near as much as it will fill certain pockets with bucket-loads of money. And if you choose to look closely at some of those pockets, I'm betting you'll find more than one or two individuals that are some of the worst polluters in the history of this planet.

Which brings me to the "Cap & Trap" legislation moving through Washington.

Don't think the Cap & Trade legislation is a power grab?

Then grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and read this brief article:

"If You Don't Hate the Cap and Trade Bill, Let Me Show You Section 304."

What happened to the Constitution?

Where -- oh where -- shall freedom reign?

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