Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Most Incredible Financial Story Ever

John Crudele from the New York Post writes, "'s where the conspiracy starts to unfold -- for the government."

Apparently, "...a couple weeks ago the NYSE suddenly announced that brokerage firms would no longer have to report their program trades. The new rule takes effect next week."

If you're wondering what all of this is about, it leads back to a previous post I made here at WAHM DIARY, called "Czar Trek and Pump & Dump" the Pump and Dump section carefully. (link opens in new window)

Think markets are NOT being manipulated? Then you need to learn more about the secret, rapid-fire, stock- and commodities-trading software that has supposedly been stolen (and sold?).

Grab a cup of coffee, then take your time and read through these latest articles from the mainstream media (all links open in new window):

New York Post: "Influence is all in the bag for Government Sachs"

Bloomberg: "Goldman Sachs Loses Grip on Its Doomsday Machine"

Reuters: "A Goldman Trading Scandal?"

There was a quote in the above Reuters story that I found particularly interesting:
Federal authorities say the platform quickly processes rapid developments in the markets and uses top secret mathematical formulas to allow the firm to make highly-profitable automated trades.
Which "Federal" authorities knew about it, I wonder...???

This leads me to ask the following two-fold question:
When our hard earned wages are invested into pension funds, do our pension fund administrators use their own secret, black-box trading software?

...or are they simply the stooges that Wall Street firms rely on so they can use their black-box trading programs to fleece us all?

If the latter is true, which Federal Authorities have allowed Wall Street to fleece us?

Ah, heck, it's all just speculation on my part. Who said pun?

I'm guessing, however, based on the news above, that it is absolutely no surprise to hear that Goldman Sachs are "poised to report the largest profit since it set earnings records in 2007."

Another commentary on this entire subject that is well worth reading comes from Zero Hedge: "Is A Case Of Quant Trading Sabotage About To Destroy Goldman Sachs?"

You're still day trading?


Good luck with that.

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