Wednesday, July 15, 2009

While We Were Sleeping a Tea Party was Brewing

Practically everyone remembers the first round of large tea parties held earlier this year on tax filing day -- right? I posted pics from twitpic here for all of you to see the crowds gathering in cities and towns across the nation.

Fox News was about the only major network to cover them in detail.

Most all other major networks (if we can call them that today) either dismissed them and/or derided them -- some outright calling them "turf" roots instead of "grassroots" -- something even Pontificating Pelosi claimed when asked about them. They would love people to believe this is some kind of Republican thing, not grassroots at all.

So, I grew really curious... methinks they (networks and WH crowd) doth protest too much.

Curiosity is at once a curse and a blessing. (I'll explain that another time.)

I searched on the map for all the July 4th tea parties, compared the map with the 2008 election map and noticed a very interesting pattern. It seems the majority of the tea parties were happening in BLUE zones -- you know -- those are the zones where the Dems supposedly won by a landslide.

Not all of the tea parties, grant it... there were a few Republican strongholds holding tea parties as well, but some of the BIGGEST TURNOUTS seemed to be occurring in MAJOR "landslide" DEM cities.

Since many in attendance for most of these tea parties are from local and surrounding areas, if one has a curious mind such as mine, one might be thinking something isn't quite right here. If those so-called-big-networks were right, and this is turf-roots, not grassroots, either the voting machines got something wrong, or there is something similar to "buyers remorse" happening in these largely Dem territories... wouldn't you think?

But I digress.

There are bigger things going on.

I've been following twitter A LOT these past few weeks. Even watched/participated in the Twitter Tea Party that happened last weekend. It was kinda fun, and enlightening, all at the same time.

But here's what has been happening while we were sleeping...

Another MASSIVE Tea Party is Brewing.

I'm talking MASSIVE!!!!

But for this tea party, it will require travel -- because they're taking right to Washington DC.

Seriously. Check this out.

To all the national networks who avoided reporting anything about the tea parties and/or derided them and tried to paint them as ruffians, hoodlums, whatever are you in for a surprise. Bet you're wishing you tried to cover them honestly now, right? Nah. You could care less. You'd probably far prefer covering Obama's date nights and their cute doggy or the little organic garden thingy.


While the major news networks were tuned into the Sotomayor confirmation hearings all day yesterday, here's what happened while they were sleeping.

A massive twitter campaign sprang up organizing petitioning and/or calls to Reps to Read the Bill (referring to Obomacare).

Another massive grassroots push is supporting the Ron "Skywalker" Paul Bill. Read this for a truly entertaining perspective on this bill (I LOVED it! Reminded me of Czar Trek all over again!) -- and read this for a more serious look at it.

And on a completely different story, looks like the birth certificate thingy might soon be resolved. (It will be nice to put this puppy to rest once and for all.)

The resolution is coming from a truly unlikely source and a case that I have not yet heard any mainstream (or otherwise) news report on, so I'm not even sure if this case filed by U.S. Army Reserve Major Stefan Frederick Cook is true -- or if the many other U.S. Army soldiers said to be joining on with the case is a fact. Still, it would be nice to put this issue behind us. I'm looking forward to the confirmation that a vault copy certificate has been brought forth and authenticated in a court of law.

It's driving my curiosity nuts!

Kind of like a mosquito in your bedroom at night that simply won't let you sleep.


There are a ton of other HOT stories (particularly in the financial sector) that went unnoticed by mainstream media as they kept covering the Sotomayor confirmation hearings. But, it's late, and I have work to complete before I can go to sleep tonight.

See you tomorrow... time permitting.

PS: Hey Indiana! How are you liking them new Fire Safe Cigarettes? Not sure what I'm talking about? Check your pack and look for the FSC on the package. If your cigarettes keep going out on you, welcome to the new law that went into effect here as of July 1/09.

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