Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tea Parties Brewing Again

Some thought they would disappear following most of the mainstream media attacks... but not so fast. July 4th - Independence Day here in the USA - is shaping up to be another show of unity, but this time with a message.

T = Taxed
E = Enough
A = Already

Now, you can look at this new message in several ways, but if you're a political pundit, you're probably noticing two important ingredients to the tea being brewed...

FIRST: the solidification and unification of the message means some marketing savvy is now in play which can spell trouble for any politician. It becomes far more difficult to derail.

SECOND: it's not going away. With a unified message, it now has the potential to turn into a wildfire, building into ever bigger momentum over time. In fact, I dare say, it has the potential to become bigger than ACORN. (Yeah, couldn't resist the jab there.)

Will it rage into ever larger wildfire proportions?

Or will it be snuffed out like a candle in the wind?

We shall see...

Washington is the New Wall Street

On another important story -- in case you missed it -- a very short video on CNBC is worth watching. "The New Wall Street is Washington" is the theme and Rick Santelli is one of three guest speakers discussing the Washington manipulations of the stock market that are interfering with the healing process. Don't miss this video.

It might help you understand how, against all the depressing numbers and facts coming out with respect to the economy, the stock markets can still be moderately coasting along -- when you would think they would have already crashed and burned, right?

Take today, for example...

Bloomburg has 2 stories out.

The first story -- "Banks Falling 23% Since May Foreshadow S&P 500 Slump"

Which is quickly followed by this story -- "U.S. Stocks Rise Following S&P 500’s Best Quarter Since 1998"


Watch the brief video clip and you will probably nod your head in agreement on how this could possibly happen.

Personally, I believe they're still playing the "Pump and Dump" game.

Happy Canada Day!

To all my Canadian friends and family, Happy Canada Day!

I hope you are enjoying your extra-long weekend (those of you who get one) and taking time out to celebrate your sovereignty. I'm guessing, the way things are going down here south of your border, you will have more freedoms than we do in the not too distant future. In time, you might become the only model of freedom left. Hang onto it.

(Oh... and ignore those ACORN reps that are crawling all over Ottawa right now trying to mess up your country next. I heard they're desperately trying to find some kind of issue they can use to herd your masses on their path to social unrest. Keep that healthy Canadian skepticism going. You're going to need it!)


Lynne said...

The Tea Party theme has always been about not rewarding bad behavior, not raising taxes, not spending our hard earned money on more programs that are poorly thoughtout, or don't even exsist,(GLOBAL WARMING)and not growing bigger goverment.How about T=Transparency,E=Ethics,and A=Accountability? The list goes on and on.. next we should organize Tea Parties for the VOTE!! Maybe someone will start listening then!

kmyers said...

I like that far more:

T = Transparency
E = Ethics
A = Accountability