Friday, September 09, 2005

Running a new TEST ...this is FUN!

I worked my tiny butt off over the past 9 days to set up for a new HUGE test I'll be running on one of our websites.

In order to do the BIG test, a small preliminary test had to be run. The preliminary test began with just a few small changes over at one of our domains for one of our top selling products: Best Liquid Vitamins - Goji Juice.

In order to visualize what would happen, I set up a very small ad on Google AdWords, selecting only 14 keywords for the test and a very brief ad as follows:

Health Drinks: Goji Juice
Maximum nutrition for tough times.
Nutritious Delicious Sugar-Free

Next, I started counting traffic... while at the same time monitoring overall traffic to the website.

An interesting thing happened.

My click-through was fairly decent for the ad, however... my overall traffic from all search engines dropped DRAMATICALLY - by a full 2/3 other words, I lost over 66% of my traffic within 24 hours of the ad going out.


So now, before the launch of the BIG test, I have to do a traceback to find out just what exactly IS happening each time I place an ad through Google?

Have you had any similar experiences?

What I mean is, have you noticed a drop in free search engine traffic within 24 hours of running an AdWord campaign? If so... I'd really LOVE to hear about it. Let me know, okay?

Thanks a bunch.

I'll be back this weekend with details of what I'm planning for the BIG test (at another domain we own).

Until then... feel free to post a quick note here and let me know your experiences on the subject of AdWords. I'd really appreciate it!

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