Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sometimes breaking the rules is a sensible way of saving lives.

Had it been any other day, the phone call wouldn't have mattered, but today was the BIG day -- the all-important day -- the day the world was about to change...

How about the above for an opening line in a book?

I've got a book in my head right now that is screaming silently inside and I can't wait to get to a point where my residual income says I can stop accepting jobs from my copywriting clients and start writing the series I've always dreamed of writing.

The series will explore one subject in detail, pertaining to the subject line of this post.

After the events of Katrina and Rita, you might think it's all about responding in disaster situations and crisis management. Well -- in a way, part of it might be considered that, however the true subject of the series goes far deeper.

But I'm kind of rushed today.

Tomorrow, my satellite Internet access installers arrive and I got two calls already from clients who want jobs done before my home network goes down tomorrow afternoon so the installers can do their job.

Gotta run...

I'll be back with more on Thursday!

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