Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Why I Just Couldn't Say No...

Remember the lead generation firm?

Got a call just a few minutes ago... and I couldn't say no - again --- arrrggghhh!

Seriously, I'm not doing anymore lead firms.

There are plenty of other copywriters out there that would "jump" at the chance to make some fast money writing for them, right?

Or maybe not?

Maybe I should just hire an independent contractor to take over some of the overflow, including the little bits and pieces of work that come from this particular client...

Any suggestions?

Leave a comment and let me know.

Gotta run --- my husband just showed me a 3-page ad for a new company launch for whom I created the new promo website. Their website isn't even finalized yet, and they're already plastering the domain name in a $6,000-$10,000 ad campaign.

People with more money than cents? (pardon the pun)

If they would just finish the design/layout choices my content could be plugged in and they'd be up and running within a matter of 5 days. But no-oooooo... they're concerned about a shade of purple or something. (Do they even realize that different browsers and different monitors will give different color renditions????)

I still have to write up over 36 different follow-up autoresponder messages for their follow-up and training but can't start that until they given the green light on design and I get a final email template from the designers.

Heck, it's only been 5 months trying to wrap that particular project up.

STRESS BREAK: Time to drink so more goji and put the smile back on.

I'll be back!

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