Friday, January 21, 2005

Reading My Spam Saved Me 14 Hours

I'm racing against the clock.

The 2 emergency writing jobs from one long-term client that blew apart my week have put me 2 full days behind schedule on a looming deadline for another $2000-dollar writing project.

My deadline is Monday, yet I was only half-way there as of yesterday afternoon.

What to do?

Read my spam!

Now some of you might be scratching your head right now and possibly thinking ... "This lady is nuts!! What a time waster! Reading her spam???"

Yeppers! Call me nuts if you like ... as the saying goes in MLM, you be right --- and I'll be rich.

You see, as a ghostwriter for many 6- and 7-figure income earners, I'm often hired to write their follow-up sequential autoresponder sets ... and my job is to write them so they DON'T sound like spam... Which is EXACTLY WHY I sometimes read through all that junk piling up in my Spam folder.

I steal the GEMS and trash the rest.

Spammers beware --- you're good stuff that could be making you thousands of dollars is being ripped off, and you're lousy stuff (and lousy practices) are simply costing you in money and reputation.

I set my spam filter pretty high so all that spammy material lands into one big giant folder. After stripping out the rediculous and obvious porn and pharmaceuticals ... oh, and the equally dumb Nigerian scam look-alikes, I go to work opening all those get-rich-quick and "you can make a fortune too" emails stripping out the good parts.

A little tweaking, a LOT of polishing, and presto ... I sometimes get 10 to 20 really good final messages that look like your next door neighbor just came over to chat over a great cup of coffee.

Not only does the final copy sound warm, cozy, and interesting ... it converts well!

That's my PowerTip for the day, folks.

I've been working for the last 72 hours on only 8 hours total in sleep, so maybe it's not my best tip, but hopefully it's given you something to think about.

Have a SUPER day ... make it worth living!

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