Tuesday, January 18, 2005

These hours will kill you if you let them

Here it is, almost 1:30 a.m. and I'm only half-way complete on one deadline for a client project due this Friday --- a two week project, I might add --- and I'm exhausted.

Our little boy has finally drifted off to sleep (he only sleeps 6 to 8 hours a day... no naps ...and high energy... sometimes I get tired just watching him). I'm too tired to even think, let alone write copy, after having to drop everything for two "emergency jobs" for another client.

On the bright side, I made some extra money without even trying through Google AdSense posted on some pages on some of our domains. That's a nice little bonus that comes in everyday, now that I've figured out the secret to get them serving the right ads on my sites.

On the brighter side, another new customer and another new prospect (a serious banker) looking at our MLM business ... he'll add a lot to the team with his financial background. Nice.

I didn't have to do anything for the bright and brighter sides. My husband took the prospect call and our websites did the rest of the work. Once we've reached our goal of $20,000 a month steady and stable walk-away income through these various projects I won't be taking on any new copywriting clients ...and my time will be my own except for the special clients I'll be keeping.

Here's a little tip: if you find a good copywriter, be sure you keep him/her happy.

Some people never learn that lesson. I say --- don't tick off the writer because it can effect the results, if you know what I mean?

It's like the music business when you're in a start up band. Whatever you do, don't tick off the sound and lights crew. You have no idea how good - or how terrible - they can make you sound on the other side of the stage ... and I'm speaking from years of former experience in the music biz, folks :-)

That's it for today. I'll be back again tomorrow!

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