Friday, January 28, 2005

Sales Went Up Dramatically!

Well, the facts are in... sales on the home page where I removed the AdSense code went up - within 24 hours of removing the code!

In fact, within 16 hours of removing the code we had 2 new people sign up for our online newsletter, and sold 1 full case of our hottest product - Goji Juice (which is absolutely FLYING off the shelves, by the way). After a full 24 hours - 2 cases in total were sold.

Now ...if you are selling any products online, based on this little test, I recommend you remove ads to other products from your home page and focus all your content on your own products. If you have articles within your site, that's a better place to put your revenue generating ads... however, if the articles relate specifically to any of your bread and butter cash-cow products, I wouldn't do that if I were you.

By the way, if you own a website in the field of health and wellness, you might want to take a really close look at the Goji opportunity. We've been averaging 20 to 30 cases in Retail Sales per month, just through FREE traffic to our website. I can't wait to test some of the new ads I've done up for it to see what paid advertising will produce. This product is HOT!

That's it for now... I'll be back later!

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